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Siren System

Siren System

Effective Siren Systems to Get Your Message Across

Whether you need a siren system to warn of impending inclement weather, finance security breach or other dangerous events, you should have the confidence that the siren system you choose is effective. Call Jamestown Communications Inc today!

During a dangerous situation, the first thing you should do is to ensure that people are aware. This awareness is the time when you prepare or avoid the situation. Siren systems are highly effective for transmitting these emergency alerts.

Complete Siren Services

Our years of experience will help you choose the right siren system for your commercial, industrial or public safety application. We provide you with quality installation and maintenance as well.
Don't want to wait until the next disaster to find out your siren system isn't working. Call us today for total siren system solution.

Tempest Series

We work with the Tempest™ series of emergency alerting siren. They are used to alert the public or employees during severe weather situations, hazardous material incidents, wildfires, and other disaster situations. Contact us today fore more information!

Along with the FCC, FEMA, and the National Weather Service's Emergency Alerting System to alert people indoors, our sirens are used to alert people outdoors of an emergency situation.

FREE estimates are available. Call us today!

We do tower work as well. Call us today for more details.

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