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Cell Boosters

Cell Phone Boosters

Superior Cell Phone Boosters

Jamestown Communications Inc works with Wilson Pro series. We're certified installers and carry a variety of Wilson Cell boosters and weBoost. Call us today to see how we can improve your coverage.

A Variety of Cell Phone Boosters

  • Home 4G
  • Connect 4G
  • Connect 4G-X
  • Wilson Pro 70
  • Wilson Pro 70 Plus
  • Drive 4G-X
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Benefits of Cell Phone Booster

  • The powerful antennae access a voice and 3G, 4G, and LTE data signal, and send it to the booster.
  • The booster receives the signal and amplifies it. It serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cell tower.
  • Your cell gets a stronger signal and calls. The data is sent through the booster back to the network.
Wilson Electronics

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